About Us

Parayil group under the staunch leadership of its Chairman Late Mr. P.J. Mathew forayed into the food industry in 1993 through exports of spices and masala's to USA . Our Chairman, an agriculturist by tradition and associated with the rubber industry and the hospitality business then took on challenges to process and freeze porottas and other bread items to a quality conscious international market.

Reliability in taste, consistency in flavor and quality of product kept customers coming back for more products resulting in setting up of an R & D and adding on many more products to the prepared food line.

Parayil Exports, the family run business, implements Quality, stands by Consistency and Reliability to the letter and uses it as a yardstick to success. A processor and exporter of a multitude of ready to eat processed food packed under its flagship brand "Daily Delight" , the facility is located in a village in Nariyangannam in the state of Kerala. The state blessed with abundance of resources - manpower and material - is well known in the tourist map as God's own Country.

The Prepared Foods facility has been designed keeping in mind not only USDA and EU standards of operation but also traditional processes of cooking that lends the product the very essence of home made authentic taste and flavor. The plant integrates all aspects of production under one roof right from pre-processing to processing, quality control and storage. The plant operates under a HACCP and follows GMP at all points, is FDA approved to export to USA and an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. A full fledged laboratory manned by qualified experts work round the clock to ensure consistent quality products are reached to you.

The high points of Daily Delight products are quality exceeding international standards and an absolute commitment to natural flavor and aroma, bringing traditional Indian cuisine right to your dining table. The Research and Development team puts together more and more traditional items onto the plate hitherto not made at homes often. This keeps our traditional cuisine alive in the lives of the younger generation.

Daily Delight with its wide range of frozen prepared ready-to-eat food and frozen cleaned and cut vegetables continues its mission of expanding its line of products to bring more ethnically diverse products to consumers around the world, evoking nostalgia about one's roots, one's homeland and its food.


Vision & Mission

An agriculturalist at heart, our Chairman Late Mr P.J.Mathew had a vision to bring quality prepared foods into the homes of the pravasees. He revolutionized the food industry by introducing a food concept that was way ahead of his times - frozen prepared food. Twenty years ago, who would have thought about the marked changes that have come in people's lifestyle and eating habits, that are prevalent today? Our Chairman foresaw it then and introduced a line of quality prepared foods - frozen, to ensure longer shelf life - that was tasty, convenient and reliable in quality. The response to this product line was so tremendous and the desire to bring out more and more products continued. Over the years, our Chairman and the Directors have been the force behind the R&D team bringing out more and more quality products, a perfect blend of traditional taste and convenience.
Our Chairman’s guiding spirit is a constant motivation to fulfill his vision of being able to give his customers world over a wider range of quality hygienically prepared products - easy, convenient to prepare, traditional in taste and flavor, evoking nostalgia about one's roots, one's homeland and its food.

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